Spill Proofing Your House

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If you have a pet or a baby, chances are that your house is covered in tons of stains from every spill imaginable. Children in particular take delight in spilling things; unlike pets, they take a longer time to learn that some things can leave a stain, and even when they do know, they will use it as a tactic. Toddlers love spilling things as a show of anger or frustration. So if you have a toddler in your house, consider spill proofing it before they get old enough to reach anything higher than they already do.

The All-Important Floor

It starts with the floor. Consider removing any rugs or carpets while your children are growing up and keep them off till they pass the age where they throw things in a tantrum. Carpet cleaning Parramatta is much harder than it looks, while washing or scrubbing the wooden or cement floor will be much easier. Another thing you can do is to lay down linoleum. The linoleum is water proof and is mostly stain proof. Even if it does stain, there’s nothing that a good hard scrub won’t wash off.

Chair and Table Surfaces

Tables are easy enough to maintain because most of them are either wood or glass; one quick wipe with a wet rag or steamed towel will do the trick. If not, some solution spritzed on will do. As for chair surfaces, it is best to have special extra covers made to be used for the duration that you think your children will have a tendency to spill and stain. Professional upholstery cleaning can get rid of most stains, but removing the outer covers and washing every week is also a good way to make it child- and stain-proof. Visit http://www.ericscarpetcleaningservices.net/upholstery-cleaning/ if you are looking for upholstery cleaning in North Sydney.

Everything We (and they) WearChildren have a habit of spilling stuff that they sometimes carry into adulthood too. They constantly spill drinks, food and other things on their clothes. Spill-proof clothes are made of rubber, silicon or leather. These materials are uncomfortable to wear. So most parents tend to simply find ways to remove the stains in children’s clothes rather than prevent it from happening in the first place. Soaking clothes in a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate usually helps. More extreme cases deserve chemical stain removers. The only other way is to put an apron on them.

Thus, if you have children under the age of 5, it is a fair bet that there will be stains on every surface possible and that you are desperately looking for someone to help or someone to clean. These are some simple tips to follow when it comes to spill-proofing your house. Good luck!