How To Restore Carpets With Water Damage:

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The ingredients are as follows: 4 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of baking soda, 4 teaspoons of liquid dishwashing soap and 2 liters of water. Mix all ingredients and apply it on the carpet. Make sure to protect your hands when doing this by wearing gloves. Leave the solution for 24 hours and air dry the carpet. Do not allow anyone especially kids and pets to go near the carpet.

Flooding caused by a storm or a busted water pipe causes our home to undergo excessive water damage and in case this happens we need to address the problem right away to avoid further problems such as mold and mildew build up and unwanted smells. Carpets makes the house more attractive and unique plus it gives us added insulation from the cold. It is important that we take good care of them and do something to prevent it from incurring damages.

Below are some things that you can try doing to help solve the problem.

Remove all furniture from carpets and floorings – we have to make sure that all areas that incurred water damage is exposed by doing a thorough inspection. Check for the presence of other contaminants such as mud, mold, mildew and debris caused by the flood.

Towels and old newspapers – place them on top of the carpet and repeatedly walk on them as they absorb water from the carpet. Continue replacing the damp materials till most of the water has been removed from the carpet.

Thorough Vacuuming – you can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to remove excess water absorbed by the carpet. After removing the excess water you can sprinkle baking soda all over the surface and continue vacuuming the area till it completely dries up.

Seek for professional help – Assess the overall water damage before making a decision. If the water damage is too extensive for you to fix by yourself then you can opt to have it checked by a professional company. People recommend to check out Flooded Carpet Restoration Perth for professional and reliable carpet restoration services. Working with the experts can help you save time and effort in the long run.

Use fans and floor dryers – This is to make the drying process faster and easier. The longer the carpet stays damp the more chances of mold growth will occur. It takes a few days until a week or so for the carpets to dry so it would be best if you could rent out high powered fans to do the job. You can also call Carpet Cleaning Scarborough to check what further services offered to help save and restore your carpeting.

Use a dehumidifier – it is important that we get rid of all excess moisture trapped in carpeted walls and floors to avoid mold and mildew from settling on the corners of the house. Again you can rent a dehumidifier and let it run for a few days along with the fans till the area is totally dry.

Sanitize the affected area – use a steam iron to sanitize the floors and the walls through and through. Do this at least twice before putting back all the furnitures to their original place.