The Harmful Effects Of Drain Blockages And The Common Causes

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Every homeowner’s greatest fear is the impending problems in the drainage system because it cannot be easily fixed and requires time and money. The issue about drainage problems is that it cannot be seen like other household damages since it is underground. There are many harms that are caused by such blockages.

Harms of Drainage Problems

Homes must ensure that they keep the drain clean because there are many effects on health and living of the people in the house. The stagnant water in the pipes allow formation of bacteria and allows the spread of diseases through these contaminated water. Blockage is when the used or dirty water is stuck underground so during this period there are high chances of bad odour contaminating the air especially in the washrooms and near the sinks in the home. This toxic atmosphere can harm the residents especially the elderly and the children. It also worsens the conditions of the people already affected by diseases like asthma. Leakages in pipes can damage the physical structure of the home as well as the floors and walls. The home is also prone to be infested with pests and also mould formation.

Causes of Blockages

There are many causes for blocked drains Brisbane North from damages in the pipelines to objects stuck in the drain. Blockages can be caused if there is hair, dirt, soap, toilet paper and even food stuck in the pipeline. All the drains must have guards to hold the particles like hair and food because these are inevitable and cannot be reduced whilst washing. Ensure that your children do not flush down their small toys because these can clog the drains. Damages to the pipes can be caused by rainstorms and even deep tree roots. Tree roots can worsen the condition of your pipes as they grow further. Problems in the flow of water due to build up or debris can also cause blockages. The build up could be due to the hard minerals in your water or even soap water which stains and clogs the pipes. Another major cause could be that the initial installation of the entire drainage system was faulty from the start.


It is important that all homeowners prevent drain blockages and make sure the drain is clean at all times. And it is also important that all homeowners get the best professionals because repairing and reinstalling of a new system is not only costly but these repairs also causes damages to the land.