Day: January 15, 2019

How Do You Care For Your Lawn?

Most people don’t have the knowledge on the proper way to take care of their own lawns, which is why some of them have grass that looks unsightly and unhealthy, with visible brown patches with no grass around,given below is how you can care for your gardens and make them look lush and green;

Mowing regularly

Mowing or trimming the grass in the lawn is one of the essentials when it comes to gardening, without a perfectly trimmed patch of greenery you can have the services of tree lopping Maroubra. When mowing the lawn, it is recommended to consult lawn mowing for some tips and tricks on taking care of the blades, height and the frequency of using a lawn mower. Some factors that need to be considered according to the above is to keep the blades nice and sharp to prevent the grass from tearing, and to adjust the height of the mower in relation to the season, while also making it a regular task.

Giving it a drink of water

Water is an essential for a healthy garden, which is obvious… but what needs to be taken care of is the frequency and time at which it is done. It is much preferred to water the place early in the morning in order to let the water seep in by the time the sun reaches its peak. Without watering the grass at least three times a week, it would be a far fetched dream to see your lawn lush and green.


Grass need their nutrition too, without it, they would not be at the healthiest state. Using fertilizers made for the soil composition of the garden can be done by regularly testing the pH values. At lawn mowing in Kingsford, they endorse to use spray bottles when using fertilizer in order to evenly reach the ground area of the lawn.

Aeration and seeding

If your lawn starts showing patches of brown in different parts of the lawn, it might be a signal to aerate the lawn, which means you have to remove small plugs of the soil and let them absorb in more water and nutrition in order to revamp a garden that wasn’t cared for much.A healthy lush green lawn would portray that your entire house is being given attention and taken care of by being mindful of every little detail that needs to be considered. Hence, set an alarm a little early and wake up to spend a little time taking care of what has no voice to express, plants have feelings too.