Common Pest Infested Areas And Prevention Tips

Little insects, rats and bugs can be very annoying. The best way to get rid of them is using nature’s ingredients. It will give a eco-friendly surrounding and will not harm your health in any way.

Seasonal variations can invite different insects and animals to your home. Even though many of us don’t realize this, there are several common places that they find comfortable during these seasons. If we are able to find these places we can prevent them from roaming around the house and annoying the members with their presence. Here are a few of those common places where they seek comfort during seasonal changes.


During most of the seasons many insects and animals find the attic to be a place of shelter. Rats and mice find this place to be warm during winter and autumn while wasps, hornets and termites build their nests during summer and spring. For rat control make sure your attic is fully repaired with no cracks, keep it clean and tidy, to prevent your belongings stored in the attic from getting damaged store them in plastic or metal containers and inspect all the pipes, vents and cables. Many of these techniques can be used to prevent the insects from infesting as well. In addition, check your attic regularly for termite damage during the warm seasons. 


A roof with certain damages or cracks will allow bugs and insects to crawl into your home quite easily. For pest control Melton you should be certain that your roof is well repaired without any damages. If there are any gaps or cracks, fill them. Also check the drain pipes for standing water or any waste. Keep them clean at all times. This will help prevent pests from reproducing.

Garden and garage

Two most common places where insects and animals find great shelters to settle in. Through these places they can have easy access to your home. If your garden and garage are not kept well maintained and tidy, it will be infested by pests quite easily and their next step will be invading your home during the cold season. For a pest-free zone in the garden keep the garbage cans and bags well closed, don’t leave it open, this will create a pest breeding zone. In addition, keep the bushes, shrubs and branches trimmed and away from the house. Check your garden regularly for standing water. Don’t leave containers, coconut shells and buckets out in the open. The rain water collected in these can create mosquitoes. As for the garage, make sure it is damage free. Storing items in plastic and metal containers will help protect them. During the warm season keep it damp-free and during the cold seasons covering the air vents with meshes will prevent the pests from entering inside.

Insects and animals can be a real menace. They can affect your health and hygiene. Therefore, make sure your house is kept pest-free by checking it regularly. In severe cases, don’t hesitate to seek professional help