Stump Grinding, Techniques And Methods

stump removal

Stumps of trees could be very troublesome at times and these need to go away sooner or the later. Sometimes people hire the professional for the job because stump removal in geelong takes much more time and the effort especially when done manually. However, if you have several stumps to be removed and you are familiar with the job then you may want to use the stump grinding machine but if you do it by yourself then you have to be very careful as the stump grinding machine is a heavy-duty machine and is very dangerous if not handled properly. Make sure that you wear the protective equipment before operating the machine especially the glasses and the gloves because you do not want the wood chips pricking you as these will fly all over when you will start the grinding. Also, it is recommended that if you are renting the stump grinding machine for the stump removal then have an advice and a guidance from someone who is an expert before you use it.

What else do you need besides the stump grinding machine for stump removal?

Apart from the machine, you need a shovel, a chainsaw, a mattock and a rake as well because shovel would be needed to clear out all kinds of rocks from around the tree stump so that it could be grinded from everywhere. Then you use the chainsaw to cut the tree stump as much as you can before grinding the remaining part. Then once cutting is done, use the grinding machine to grind throughout.

Seek out professional help:

As mentioned earlier, do not go to the trouble of removing the stumps by yourself unless you absolutely have to and there are so many stumps that hiring the professional will be costly. Many companies now a days provide very good deals and very good services, some of these also take away the removed stump with them to discard, so you do not have to worry about its disposal as well.

Other methods of stump removal than the stump grinding:

Stump grinding is one method which is used when professionals do the job mostly and when the stump is very stubborn but people who do the job by themselves usually go for the other techniques such as removing the stump by using chainsaw and cutting it off with the axe. Other people use the chemicals which are available in the market for the stump removal, these chemicals are drilled inside the stumps and it is left for some weeks, after some weeks the stump becomes spongy and then it is very easy to take it off using the axe. Some people also burn the stump and then fill the hole or let the tree stump rot by pouring the chemicals into it which helps it become soft and then it is taken off.